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You will find a Forum Topic set up to match each of the Interest Topics on the Resource page. You can access that topic on the Forum directly from the Interest Topic photo square which also includes Resources for that Interest Topic. An alternative is to go to the main Forum page and select from the list of Forum Topics. Some of the Interest Topics have been set up in anticipation of future development. The discussions and resources will be added over time. As you visit each Forum Topic you can:

  • • Subscribe to that Topic so you can follow all Discussions and Resources
  • • Start a Discussion within that Topic. If you set a “Tag” you can follow that particular Discussion.
  • • Provide a link to information that features the work your organization is doing in Africa
  • • Suggest a Resource to add – African users will have knowledge of resources in Africa not known to those from the West
  • • Search for a topic you are interested in by using the search feature available at the top of the page.

There is topic called “A Place to Suggest Additional Interest Topics” which can be used to suggest topics that are not in the original list. You can suggest an Interest Topic, start a discussion and suggest resource links. If there is sufficient interest in a suggested topic, it can be added to the Resource page. This way the resources available can reflect the interests of the users as they share and interact.

The Discussions and Resources posted can be in English, French or Portuguese. It may limit a certain discussion to users of that language. However, it will also free users to use the language they are most comfortable with. We will not be able to provide translation into multiple languages.

You may find you do not agree with all views expressed in forum Discussions. They are not endorsed by the Website provider. Users will come from various denominational and ethnic backgrounds with different levels of education, training and experience. It is expected that everyone will respect the opportunity to talk, share and pray together by posting in a courteous and prayerful manner. Any objectionable content or misuse can be reported using the “report” option provided any time a post is added.

A website manager will be reviewing the Forum activity and updating Topics and Resources as needed.


  • • You can edit and manage your account from the Black tool bar across the top of each Forum Page.
  • • You can set up a Word Press account specific to this Forum.
  • • Alternately, you can log in using your existing Facebook or Linked In account.
  • • You can choose to be notified of Forum activity via email.
  • • You can subscribe to particular topics that are of special interest to you.
  • • You can tag your discussion and resource posts so you can follow that specific conversation.


As a user of the ALS website, you are probably someone who seeks to participate in strengthening your own leadership skills, training others and furthering the work of the Kingdom of God. Whatever our roles may be, we all have moments when we could use a word of encouragement. The principles at work in the Kingdom are radically different from those at work in the world around us. As we consider those we know who humbly live by faith, sometimes at great cost, let us give thanks for the “cloud of witnesses that surround us” and support each other in prayer.


We serve in a Kingdom of wheat kernels, mustard seeds and hidden pearls – small things with huge impact. The world cannot see their value. In our more discouraging moments, neither can we. But do not be discouraged if your faithful service to God has imperceptible results. They are imperceptible only to the naked eye. They are highly valued in the eternal Kingdom, where those who give away their lives find them again.

I tell you the truth, unless a kernel of wheat is planted in the soil and dies, it remains alone. But its death will produce many new kernels – a seedlinggraphicelement_morepages_smallplentiful harvest of new lives.” John 12:24

From “365 Pocket Devotions” by Chris Tiegreen, ©2003 by Walk Thru the Bible

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