African Christian Leadership

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Table of Contents

Introduction, Robert J. Priest, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

Chapter 1: Characteristics of Influential African Christian Leaders, David Ngaruiya

Chapter 2: Formation of African Christian Leaders — Patterns from the ALS Data, Wanjiru Wangui-Gitau

Chapter 3: Connected — The Role of Social Capital for Leaders with Impact, Steven D. H. Rasmussen

Chapter 4: Leadership Responses During Armed Conflict, Elisabet le Roux and Yolande Sandoua

Chapter 5: Word and Deed — Patterns of Influential African Christian Organizations, Nupanga Weanzana

Chapter 6: African Christian Organizations and Socio-Economic Development, Michael Bowen

Chapter 7: African Women’s Leadership — Realities & Opportunities, Truphosa Kwaka-Sumba and Elisabet le Roux

Chapter 8: Empowering Leadership — A New Dawn in African Christian Leadership, Jurgens Hendriks

Chapter 9: Reading and Leading: Challenges for African Christian Leaders. Robert J. Priest, Barine Kirimi, and Alberto Lucamba Salombongo

Chapter 10: Developing Transformational Leaders — Curricula Implications from the Africa Leadership Study Findings, John Jusu

Chapter 11: Engaging African Leadership — One Foundation’s Story, Mary Kleine Yehling

Chapter 12: Conclusion — Lessons Learned Through the Africa Leadership Study

Appendix A: ALS Purpose Statements

Appendix B: ALS Survey Results