Kalemba Mwambazambi

Kalemba Mwambazambi is Professor at FATEB (Faculte de Theologie Evangelique de Bangui) in the Central African Republic. He holds a PhD in Missiology from the University of South Africa in Pretoria. He is also a candidate for a Doctor of Health Sciences at Keiser University in Florida (United States of America). He does research across the globe on transformational leadership, HIV and AIDS, Christian missions, African theologies, socio-political issues, peace, justice and reconciliation. He has published academic articles in peer-reviewed journals and written several chapters in books.

ALS Role

Kalemba Mwambazambi met regularly as part of the ALS leadership team, provided input on all phases of research and analysis, and supervised a team of researchers administering surveys in the Central African Republic. He conducted interviews and wrote up reports on key Christian leaders and Christian organizations in the Central African Republic.