Daniel Bourdanne

Daniel Bourdanne was born in Chad. He is currently based in Oxford, UK where he serves as General Secretary of the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students. Daniel studied in Chad, Cameroon, Togo, Côte d’Ivoire and France and has a PhD from the University of Abidjan in animal ecology. He has been involved in student ministry for more than 20 years, having been on staff with IFES in Francophone Africa as regional secretary, responsible for overseeing IFES ministry across the region’s 20 countries, before being appointed to his current global leadership role.

ALS Role

Daniel Bourdanne met with the ALS leadership team, and served as an external advisor and consultant on research design and implementation. His experience and continued work with young leaders across the continent gave him a unique grass roots perspective. His insights into Francophone Africa have been most informative.