Kirimi Barine

Kirimi Barine is an Author, Trainer, Publisher and Consultant. He has served and continues to serve in various leadership capacities for organizations in Africa and around the world. He is the founding Director of Publishing Institute of Africa; a Nairobi based publishing, training and author development organization. He is an author and co-author of several books among them Transformational Corporate Leadership. Barine delights in training and facilitation of learning experiences as well as consulting on leadership, publishing and writing. Barine has a PhD / Doctorate in Business Management (Leadership & Governance) from the UCN Universidad Central de Nicaragua and SMC University, Switzerland.

ALS Role

Kirimi Barine met regularly with the ALS leadership team. He served as an advisor and consultant during the research process, and later led writing retreats/workshops, coached authors in writing, gave advice on website development, and served as co-editor of our book. He co-wrote a chapter “Reading and Leading: Challenges for African Christian Leaders” published in our book.

See Findings page for professional credentials and CV.