John Jusu

Curriculum Vitae

John Kpaleh Jusu

Titles: Reverend; Doctor (Academic)


Armenian Wesleyan

Missionary Serving with Association of Evangelicals in Africa (2000 – present)


Curriculum, Instructional Design and Administration for formal learning

Curriculum, Instructional Design and Administration for nonformal learning

Transformational Leadership Development

Educational Planning

Higher Education Administration

Faculty Development

Educational Standards and Quality Control

Integration of Faith, Life and Learning


Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Studies from Trinity International University, at Deerfield, Illinois in 2009

Dissertation Topic: Patterns of epistemological frameworks among Master of Divinity students at the Nairobi Evangelical Graduate School of Theology

Master of Philosophy degree (MPhil) in Christian Education, from Nairobi Evangelical Graduate School of Theology, in 2002

Thesis Title: Factors that influence the attitudes of adolescents towards Christian Religious Education in Nairobi Secondary Schools

Master’s degree (M.A.) in Christian Education, from Nairobi Evangelical Graduate School of Theology, in 1996.

Thesis Title: An examination of factors that influence students’ perception of relevance of the Christian Ministries Programme at NEGST

Graduate Teaching diploma from Evangelical Training Association in 1996

Bachelor’s degree (B.Sc. Ed.) in Chemistry (major), and Biological Sciences (minor), from  Njala University College, University of Sierra Leone in 1986.

Project Title: The contribution of the Church of the United Brethren in Christ to the development of Education in Southern Province of Sierra Leone


Postgraduate level

2009 – Africa International University

Lecturer: Taught

Nonformal education,

Leadership and Administration,

Research Methods,

History and Philosophy of Education

Education, Culture and Society,

Curriculum studies,

Curriculum Development

Educational Psychology

Postgraduate Research and Writing,

Knowledge, truth and education,

Strategic Thinking (A DAI course)

Teaching and Learning for Impact (A DAI course),

Instructional Design for Critical Thinking

Multimedia in Education

Adult Learning and Literacy

Thesis Supervised

Banda, Alpheus Katiyi. 2010: Evaluation of an HIV/AIDS Prevention Program at Partners in Hope (PIH) in Malawi (MACE Thesis)

Wambui, Mburu Sarah. 2010. Impact Assessment of a Donor-Driven Nonformal Education Project: A Case Study of Kipepeo 

Designs Women Project – Qualitative/Mixed Design (MACE Thesis)

Wainaina, Edwinah. 2010. Challenges of Pastors’ Wives in Lungalunga and their implications for developing training initiatives that target them (MACE Thesis)

Patrick Waweru, 2009. The Role of Pastors During the Ethnic Clashes that Occurs in Eldoret Municipality between 2007 and 2008. (MACE Thesis)

Robert Cheptorus Kibiwot. 2009. Attitudes of the Marakwet Christians of Childlessness and its Implications on Discipleship in Africa Inland Church Kapsowar (MACE Thesis)

Dinah Katindi Nyamai. 2011. Understanding Factors Related to Deviant Behavior among Bachelors’ Level Students in Selected Universities in Nairobi County (MPhil Thesis)

Okoth, George Samuel. 2011. An Evaluation of the Curriculum of the Catechism of the Anglican Church of Kenya. (MACE)

Manyara, Daniel Muriiri. 2012. The Members Perception of Adult Discipleship in Nairobi Pentecostal Church Buru Buru (MACE Thesis)

Mugaya, Hawkins Lwuvu. 2008 The Role of the National Youth Service Chapliancy in Enhancing Co-existence Among Staff, Officers and Servicemen within the Nairobi Area (MACE Thesis)

Mburu, Susan Wambui. 2008. Impact Assessment of a Donor-Driven Nonformal Education Project: A Case Study of Kipepeo Designer Women’s Project. (MACE)

Ngala, Francisca. 2014. Learning Preferences of Post Graduate Students at Africa International University (MPhil Thesis)

Banda, Alpheus K. 2010. Perceptions of Relevance of HIV and AIDS Prevention Program: A Study of Partners in Hope, Lilongwe Malawi. (MACE Thesis)

Sunda, Sainkolo B. 2016. Non-theology Undergraduate Students’ Perceptions aout the Relevance of Required Bible and Theology Courses in their Programs of Study at Africa International University (MACE).


2002 – 2005 Nairobi Evan. Grad. Sch. of Theo. Kenya

Lecturer: Taught

History and Philosophy of Education

Educational Psychology

Educational Administration

Educational Research Methods

Thesis Supervised

Juma, Asunta Wanja. 2003. Factors affecting the use of music as an educational tool in the Apostolic Reformation Churches in Nairobi

Macharia, Ann Wanja. 2003. The appropriateness of planned activities of the Nyambachaki Presbyterian Men’s Fellowship to the stated objectives

Undergraduate level

2009 Africa International University

Courses taught

Introduction to statistics

College Algebra

Introduction to Philosopy

1996-2000 Sierra Leone Bible College/Evangelical College of Theology

Courses taught

Research Methods,



Sociology of Education

Educational Administration

Camps and Retreats

Religious Education in Schools

Curriculum Studies

Theological education

Denominational Distinctive


2010-2013   Africa International University

Dean, School of Professional Studies (Administering four academic departments at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

Member: Management Committee of the University

Member: Senate

2009 – 2010 Africa International University

Acting Dean: School of Professional Studies

Member: Management Committee of the University

Member: Senate

2002-2005 Nairobi Evangelical Graduate School of Theology

Office of the Deputy Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs

(Special responsibility for curriculum and accreditation affairs)

Member: Senate

1992-94 Sierra Leone Bible College/The Evangelical College of Theology

Assistant Librarian

1996-2000 Sierra Leone Bible College/The Evangelical College of Theology


Dean of Student Affairs



1992 – 1994 Sierra Leone Bible College/The Evangelical College of Theology

Prepared the College for Visitation of ACTEA (Accrediting Council for Theological Education in Africa)

Prepared the Curriculum for accreditation by ACTEA (Accreditation granted in 1993)

1996 – 2000 Sierra Leone Bible College/The Evangelical College of Theology

Designed the programme in Computer and Information Technology (now defunct)

Designed the programme in Bachelor of Ministries (Now Bachelor of Arts in Ministries)

Proposed the development of Bachelor in Development Studies

2000-2005 Nairobi Evangelical Graduate School of Theology/Africa International University

Prepared the College for Visitation of ACTEA (Accrediting Council for Theological Education in Africa)

Prepared the Curriculum for accreditation by ACTEA (Accreditation granted in 2002)

Prepared the School’s entire Curriculum for submission to the Commission of Higher Education – Kenya (Programmes approved in 2004)

2009-Nairobi Evangelical Graduate School of Theology/Africa International University

Consolidated the framework of programmes for a University Status (Charter granted in 2010)

Designed and produce five new undergraduate programmes

Bachelor of Business Administration (launched in 2011)

Bachelor of Arts in Development Studies (Submitted to Kenyan Government for Approval)

Bachelor of Science in Accountancy and Financial Management (Submitted to Kenyan Government for Approval)

Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship (Submitted to Kenyan Government for Approval)

Bachelor of Science in Information and Communications Technology (Submitted to Kenyan Government for Approval)

Redesigned the Educational Studies Curriculum to provide areas of specialization


2004 – More than a Mile Deep Global

Conceptualize an African Training in the Ministry Curriculum

Provided a blue-print for the development of the curriculum

Training Materials Produced (In use in Seven Countries of Africa)

Pastoral Guidance and Counseling in HIV/AIDS

Transforming Communities through Wholistic Development

Poverty and Divisive Ethnicity

Practical Christian Living

Nurturing Christian Families

Public Worship

Transformative Discipleship

Pre-marital Counseling

Leading and Administering God’s People and Resources

Transforming Discipleship

Generating Sustainable Income

Loving as Christian: Providing Home based Care

Church Leadership Training Materials

The Church as a Window

Doing Business as Mission

Financial Freedom for Families

Youth Empowerment


Church of the United Brethren in Christ  – Sierra Leone Conference

1986 – 1992 Licentiate – Local Preacher

1992 – 1994Conference Representative at Sierra Leone Bible College

1999Writer and Trainer – Sunday School Materials

1998Ordained Minister, Member of Council of Administration

1998 – 2000 Associate Pastor – Au Memorial UBC Church – Wellington

Member – Council of Elders

Africa Gospel Church – Good Shepherd, Nairobi

2002 – 2005Men’s Leader

2010-2013Lay Leader, Member of the Local Church Council

Sermon Samples on YouTube



Areas of Consultancy

Church in Transformative Development

Worldviews and Development

Curriculum and Instruction

Transformative Education

Higher Education Leadership

Higher Education Administration

Integration of Faith, Life and Learning

Consulting Organizations

Tyndale House Foundation: Africa Leadership Study (Senior Researcher)

Oasis (Supervising Editor – Africa Study Bible)

South Africa Theological Seminary – South Africa

More than a Mile Deep – Global Curriculum Project – Mozambique

Developed a complete curriculum for this group. Curriculum in use in seven different African countries

Church Mission Society – Kenya

Chalmers – Tennessee

Entrust – Colorado

Medical Aviation Fellowship, Learning Technologies – Idaho

Institute for the Study of African Realities, Africa International University – Kenya

Apollos – Holland

Paulus Foundation – Holland

Africa Biblical Leadership

ACTEA/Global Associates for Transformative Education

World Vision – Kenya

Overseas Council

Seminars and Training (As Trainer and Facilitator)

Church Training Workshops and Seminars (Church and Transformative Development)

Holland (Consultancy)May 2004

Nigeria: Workshop  Nov 3-11  2004

Nov 20-27 2006

Ghana, Accra Nov. 2007

South Africa: Workshop Sept 14-26 2004

August 16-19 2007

Mozambique: Writers’ Workshop Nov 11-16 2006

Kenya: Writers’ Workshop – Several

London (Consultancy) February 2008

Ivory Coast April 2010

Benin March 2009

South Sudan: Feb 3-7 2010

Burundi (Workshop) October 2012

Faculty Development Workshops (Transformative Education) with ACTEA/GATE. A total of about 80-100 lecturers and administrators of about 30 schools have attended these trainings in Africa.

Ukraine June 11 – 15 2007

Ethiopia Mar 18-21 2009

Ethiopia Mar 2010

Kenya Mar 22-25 2009

Kenya Mar 2010

Togo Nov 2011

Institutional Development (Institute of Excellence Workshops) – Overseas Council

Institute of Excellence – Nairobi (April 2015)

  • Presented: Change Management Strategies in Curriculum Innovation and Delivery

Institute of Excellence – Abidjan (April 2016)

  • Presented: From Research to Curriculum Change

Institutional Development: Educational Consultancy with Theological Schools

Schools Involved

Africa International University – Kenya

Scott Christian University – Kenya

Kenya Highlands University – Kenya

Africa Theological Seminary – Kenya

Kema International School of Theology – Kenya

Kampala Evangelical School of Theology – Uganda

Rwandan Institute of Evangelical Theology – Rwanda

Theological University of Central Africa – Zambia

Justo Mwale University College – Zambia

Theological College of Zimbabwe – Zimbabwe

Harare Theological College _ Zimbabwe

South African Theological College – South Africa

International College of Bible and Mission – South Africa

George Whitefield College – South Africa

Cape Town Baptist  Seminary – South Africa

Bible Institute of South Africa – South Africa

Namibia Evangelical Theological Seminary – Namibia

Ghana Christian University – Ghana

Goodnews Theological College and Seminary – Ghana

Group of ECWA Theological Schools in Nigeria (3 schools)

Nigerian Baptist Theological Seminary – Nigeria

West Africa Theological Seminary – Nigeria

LIFE Theological Seminary – Nigeria

UMCATC – Nigeria.


2003: Paper submitted at Limuru for Focus Kenya/Tear Fund: Integral Mission and Theological Education

2006: Paper in South Africa for South Africa Theological Seminary: The Rest to the West: The Role of Theological Schools.”

2006: Trainee at Boot Camp for Sustainable Funds Development

2008: Presented a Paper at Increase Consultation in London on “Developing  Situational Competences through Constructivist paradigms of learning”

2009: Participant in E-learning for Kenya

2010: Participant—Africa Biblical Leadership Initiative in Ethiopia

2010 Invitee African Heads of States Prayer Breakfast in Ethiopia at the African Union


October 2012: ICETE Consultation, Nairobi

May 2011: All Africa OCI Leadership Institute – Financial Sustainability and Organizational Change

March 2011: Educational Studies Department, AIU – E-learning

August 2009: KNET: Learning Technology

September 2013: Designing and teaching on-line courses – Horizon

May 2007: Mission Aviation Fellowship, Learning Technologies – Web Delivery systems

August 1995: NEGST, Library Science

April 1993: ACTEA, Staff Training Institute for Librarians


Influence of Epistemological Beliefs on Adult Education Theory: Relating John Dewey’s Learning Theories and Practice to Phases of His Epistemological Transformation (Africa Theological Journal)

Research-Based Curriculum Review: Learning from the African Leadership Study – Published in Insights Journal

The Impact of the Hidden Curriculum in Teaching, Learning and Spiritual Development – A book Chapter

Education and Biblical Justice: A Christian Critique of Paulo Freire’s Critical Pedagogy (Proposed Publisher – Africa Theological Journal)

Integrity and Finance (MMD-G Course)

Pastoral Guidance in Conflict Management (MMD-G Course)