Teresa David

Teresa David, born in Huambo, Angola, is currently a student at Stellenbosch University in Cape Town, South Africa. She received her bachelor’s degree, with honours from the Institute of Evangelical Theology in Lubango-Angola (ISTEL) in 2014. She is a native Portuguese speaker and specialized as a teacher of the Portuguese language in Angola. She also taught Portuguese for 4 years. It was her work as a Portuguese teacher that motivated her to start working as a translator in 2015.

ALS Role

Teresa has worked with the Africa Leadership Study to translate a large portion of the materials into Portuguese. She is proud to have been a part of ALS. Without her work as a Portuguese translator, we would not have been able to make so much of the material available to Portuguese speakers.

Elizabeth Coulibaly

Elizabeth Coulibaly is a professional translator living in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire. She studied Modern Literature and French in Paris at Sorbonne Nouvelle. She has been teaching French for 19 years. Her passion for translation inspired her to train to become a translator in 2005. She has been working as a professional translator for several Christian organizations as well as editing French documents for publishing houses for nine years.

ALS Role

Madame Coulibaly has assisted in translating the Africa Leadership Study material into French. She considers this a God given opportunity to participate in a very important work for His Kingdom. We are most thankful that her work enables the French speaking audience to have easier access to the ALS research.

Daniel Crickmore

Daniel Crickmore bio coming.

ALS Role

Daniel provided invaluable administrative support during the research phases of the ALS. All through the project the ALS Team faced significant challenges of communication across international boundaries, time zones, languages and cultures. His role in organizing and facilitating our conferences and travel arrangements made space for the group to work together. During that period we used a private ALS Website and Forum specifically designed to support the ongoing collaborative communication that was needed for every step of the process. Daniel set up and managed those for us. His facility with French, his roots in Mali, his expertise with technology and his international travel experience made him ideally suited for this vital cross cultural communication work.

Cami Grimwood

Cami Grimwood bio coming.

ALS Role

Cami has been a vital part of the ALS Team since the beginning of the project. Each step of the way, as needs, priorities and tasks were identified, she stepped in with the administrative support needed. In her role of organizing our first conference, she set the bar high. That pattern served us well at each succeeding conference. She provided particularly important administrative input during the period when we were designing the protocol and structures for travel and time reporting to effectively support all those involved in performing the research in each of the three countries. With her website design and graphic skills background, she was an integral part of the initial design and development of the ALS Seedbed Website.

Jon Hirst

Jon Hirst serves as President and CEO of GMI, a research organization that helps the Global Church steward knowledge for Kingdom impact. Since growing up as a missionary kid in Argentina and Venezuela, he has been committed to serving the Global Church in creative and intentional ways. Jon is the co-editor of Innovation in Mission with Rev. Jim Reapsome and co-author of Through the River: Understanding Your Assumptions About Truth  (both published by InterVarsity Press) with his wife Mindy. They live in Colorado with their three children.

ALS Role

Jon joined the ALS Team at the point that we began to design the best way to make what we had learned available to others. In his position as head of GMI and board member of Media Associates International, Jon brought a broad view of both the digital and print components of communicating what ALS was all about to others. We are particularly excited at the potential overlap and collaboration that can be nurtured as the academic community that participated in the ALS and the mission community of GMI share information and ideas. We will continue to work with GMI developing additional materials for the “Findings Page” and the “Resource Page”.

Rob Huff

Rob Huff is president of ImageStudios in Franklin, TN and works with several prominent ministries such as Focus on the Family and Young Life with marketing creative, web development and social media content creation and strategy. Rob helps with web development and creative support for Africa Leadership Study.

ALS Role

Rob Huff joined our team as our website designer. His gift for design and expertise in technical issues have been a rock solid foundation for the strong seedbed website that you are enjoying as you read this. He was quick to understand the essentials of the project and our hearts desire to make what we learned as widely available as possible. The beautiful ALS logo with the “seeds flourishing in the open hand of an African” is a quintessential graphic of our prayer for leadership development in Africa.

Shelly Isaacs

Shelly Isaacs provided support on the Africa Leadership Study with data preparation and management. She received her M.A. in Sociology of Religion from Baylor University. Her thesis was on “Self, Stigma, and Identity Work in the Pentecostal Experience of Illness.”

ALS Role

Shelly was involved with ALS before we knew it was ALS. Her first efforts provided a critically needed assessment tool for the discernment process as we considered whether to initiate the Study. She organized and evaluated 10 years of Tyndale House Foundation grant data in a way that enabled us to see and evaluate our role in Africa at that time from an important overview perspective. Since those early days she has been a critical resource in managing, organizing and evaluating all our data. She has overseen the translation of the data and the reports, enabling them to be available in all three languages. Her experience in managing research data has informed the organization of the website and the “Data Page”. As you download the research information, you can thank Shelly.

Eli Nupanga

Eli Nupanga bio coming.

ALS Role

Just when we needed a consultant for the organization of the alternate language capacity of our website, Eli was available to join the team.  He brought technical experience, website development background, translation skills and the perspective of a Francophone African from the developing leader’s generation to the process.  We have been most thankful to have someone located in the area, with easy accessibility to translate and to review the website with an eye that is comparable to our target user audience viewpoint

Lynn Sidler

Lynn Sidler bio coming.

ALS Role

Lynn joined the Foundation staff in late 2015.  In her responsibilities with the ALS Team she was faced with the tasks of getting to know a wide variety of people, understanding a complex process and facilitating the dissemination of the study to the widest possible audience.  This required considerable dedication and time.  Her focused energy, bringing a fresh eye to the process has paid off for the entire team.  She has facilitated overall communication and meetings, provided key support for both book and website development and paid the necessary attention to detail and follow up that is required to keep things moving forward. She has also been honing her French language skills.