Wanjiru M. Gitau

Wanjiru M. Gitau is a scholar of Christian History, World Christianity and Missiology. She was a visiting scholar at Asbury Theological Seminary (2015-2016). She has a PhD in Intercultural Studies and World Christianity from Africa International University and she has an MA in Missiology from Nairobi Evangelical Graduate School of Theology. She also has fifteen years of combined pastoral service in dynamic urban congregations and a variety of cross cultural missional engagements. As a researcher with the Center for the Study of World Christian Revitalization Movements, she is currently working on book titled, “Reframing the Megachurch Conversation.”

ALS Role

Wanjiru Wangui-Gitau began as a PhD student helping with both questionnaire research and with carrying out interviews and writing ten-page reports. Based on the quality of her work she was invited to play an expanded role, participating in our gatherings to discuss and analyze the research results.She contributed a chapter “Formation of African Christian Leaders — Patterns from the ALS Data” for our book.

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Nupanga Weanzana

Nupanga Weanzana is President of Faculté de Théologie Évangélique de Bangui (FATEB) in Central African Republic, and also teaches Biblical Hebrew and Old Testament (Exegesis and Theology). He received his PhD in Old Testament Studies from the University of Pretoria in South Africa. His area of interest is in the Book of Chronicles and the Second Temple Period. Among his publications are several commentaries on Old Testament Books in the Africa Bible Commentary (2006).

ALS Role

Nupanga Weanzana met regularly as part of the ALS leadership team, provided input on all phases of research and analysis, and supervised a team of researchers administering surveys in the Central African Republic. He conducted interviews and wrote up reports on key Christian leaders and Christian organizations in the Central African Republic. He served as the primary leader of the research carried out in the CAR. His chapter “Word and Deed — Patterns of Influential African Christian Organizations” appears in our book.

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Nupanga Weanzana

Curriculum Vitae

NUPANGA Weanzana wa Weanzana

Faculté de Théologie Évangélique de Bangui (FATEB)



University attended: Faculty of Theology

University of Pretoria (1998-2003)

Degree obtained: Ph.D. Old Testament Studies

Seminary: Bangui Evangelical Graduate School of Theology

Degree obtained: Master in Theology

High School: Protestant College in Kinshasa (1971-1975)

State diploma

Orientation Cycle: Secondary school in Kinshasa (1968-1971)

Primary School: Official primary School in Kinshasa (1962-1968)



Current position: President of Bangui Evangelical School of Theology (2007-)

Academic Dean (2003-2007) Bangui Evangelical Graduate

School of Theology. Professor of Biblical Hebrew (I and II),

Introduction to the Old Testament, Old Testament

Exegesis (Methodology, Narrative and Prophecy), and Old Testament Theology, Old Testament in African Christianity, Ezra and Judaism, Approaches in the Old Testament Studies

1995-1999: Vice president Bangui Evangelical Graduate

School of Theology and lecturer in Biblical Hebrew (I and II), Introduction to the Old Testament, and Old Testament

Exegesis (Methodology and Narrative).

1993-1995: Director of Bau Biblical Institute (DRC) and professor of

Old Testament.

1990-1993: Director of Girl secondary school (boarding)

Other: Pastor (1990-1995), President of Literature Committee of

the Church (1992-1995), Responsible for evangelism in my denomination (1991-1995).

Publication: I published an article “Kingdom of God in the Book of

Chronicles”, in Old Testament Essays 16/3, 2003 pp.758-766.

I wrote commentary on 2 Samuel, 1 and 2 Chronicles, Psalms 1-50, Ezra and Nehemiah in African Bible Commentary, Zondervan, 2006..

I am currently preparing text books on different courses that I have taught in the last five years. These are: Biblical Hebrew, Introduction to the Old Testament, Exegesis of Haggai, and Introduction to the Exegesis of the Old Testament.

I am working as the General Editor for Old Testament in the Hippo Project, which is a project with the aim to publish commentary on all books (separate volume) in the Old Testament by Africans.

I presented many papers during several conferences or seminars. The recent one was with Olivet University in San Francisco in September 2013 with the title Re(discovering) the communal feature of the Christian faith: A Look at Zinzendorf Legacy.

I was a visiting scholar at Asbury Theological Seminary in Wilmore (Kentucky, “USA) from January to May 2016. I have already written two articles that has been sent for an international peer review:

  • Saul, the Non-Temple Builder King in the Book of Chronicles
  • Unzip the Collective Memory of Israel in Nehemiah 9

Supervision: I supervised many Master Thesis from 2003 to now. I am currently supervising two PhD students in the area of Old Testament:

  • The meaning of  “Lord of Heaven” in the Postexilic literature.
  • The rhetorical use of the Temple in the official letter from the Persian period in the Hebrew Bible.

Mary Kleine Yehling

Mary Kleine Yehling joined Tyndale House Foundation in 1975. As V.P., Executive Director she has had the opportunity and joy to learn about and work with many individuals, organizations, missions and churches with a heart for ministry around the world. She remarks, “We really are a part of “so great a cloud of witnesses” not only those gone on before, but those still with us.” She has served her community over the years as a volunteer and leader in area organizations, choirs, schools, and in her church. Tyndale House Foundation celebrates over 53 years of “Investing in the Kingdom”. “We do not know what the future holds, but by God’s grace we look forward to many more years in ministry and pray we can continue to ‘encourage each other and build each other up’.”
1 Thessalonians 5:11

ALS Role

When Tyndale House Foundation initiated the Africa Leadership Study it was the beginning of a unique learning experience for us all. It has been Mary Kleine’s great privilege and joy to serve in an administrative capacity, overseeing and coordinating the day to day activities and support of all facets of the team’s work. May our efforts be used by God, through the ALS website and the book “Patterns in African Christian Leadership”, to continue to build on the network of people and organizations the Study has woven together. May it serve as a helpful tool for those in Africa and those in the West to better understand how to more effectively develop and equip strong servant leaders in all areas of African society.

See Findings page for professional credentials and CV.