Daniel Bourdanne

Daniel Bourdanne was born in Chad. He is currently based in Oxford, UK where he serves as General Secretary of the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students. Daniel studied in Chad, Cameroon, Togo, Côte d’Ivoire and France and has a PhD from the University of Abidjan in animal ecology. He has been involved in student ministry for more than 20 years, having been on staff with IFES in Francophone Africa as regional secretary, responsible for overseeing IFES ministry across the region’s 20 countries, before being appointed to his current global leadership role.

ALS Role

Daniel Bourdanne met with the ALS leadership team, and served as an external advisor and consultant on research design and implementation. His experience and continued work with young leaders across the continent gave him a unique grass roots perspective. His insights into Francophone Africa have been most informative.

Michael Bowen

Curriculum Vitae

Michael K. Bowen 


Doctoral Degree  Moi University

(Environmental Economics) 2006 PhD Env.Econ

Masters Degree Egerton University 1997 MSc. Agric.

(Agricultural Economics)Economics

Bachelors Degree Egerton University 1992 2nd Class- (Agricultural Economics) UpperDivision

High School St. Patrick’s High School-Iten 1988 3 Principles

(Maths, Chemistry and Biology)

Secondary School St. Patrick’s High School-Iten 1986 Division 1

(Sciences-Maths, Chemistry,

Physics, Biology among others)

Primary School Emsea Primary School 1982 CPE-33 Points



  • Chairman IDB Capital
  • Associate Professor of Environmental Economics
  • Director, Research, Publications and Consultancy at Daystar University
  • Deputy Director, Quality Assurance (2013-2015)
  • Head of Department (Business Administration) Kenya Methodist University
  • Senior, Researcher at Daystar University (2005-2012)
  • Lecturer, Kenya Methodist University (2002-2005)
  • Chairman, Senior Staff Association at Daystar University (2012-2014)
  • Council Member at Daystar University (2012-2014)
  • Member of two school boards in Keiyo South Constituency
  • Lecturer for the last 16 years
  • Involved in seeking research grants and carried out research worth Kshs. 66,835,000
  • Supervised more than 100 masters students and PhD students
  • Published several papers and book chapters
  • Presented papers in conferences in the Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, USA, Netherlands, Hong Kong, Japan, Dubai, South Africa, UAE
  • External Examiner for National University of Science and Technology (Zimbabwe) Jomo Kenyatta University, Kenya Methodist University, Moi University, Africa Nazarene University, Management University of Africa
  • A member of Kenya HIV and AIDS Research Coordination Mechanism


  1. Director, Research, Publications and Consultancy and Postgraduate Bureau  (2015-Date)
  2. Deputy Director, Directorate of Quality Assurance, Daystar University (2013-2015)
  3. Associate Professor Economics Department, Daystar University
  4. Previously senior researcher, Centre for Research publications and Consultancy (2005-2012)
  5. Head of department (Business), Kenya Methodist University (2004-2005)
  6. Lecturer, Kenya Methodist University (2002-2005)
  7. Part Time Lecturer Moi University (1998-2002)


  • Taught research methodology at PhD level at Daystar University.
  • Taught the following courses at Masters level; Managerial Economics, Research Methodology, Econometrics and Risk Communication.
  • Lecture in the following courses at undergraduate level; Environmental Economics, Research Methods, Quantitative Techniques, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Money and Banking and Public Finance.


  • Currently Director Research, Publications and Consultancy Bureau at Daystar University
  • Deputy Director, Quality Assurance, Daystar University
  • Chairman, Senior Staff Association of Daystar University (2012-2014)
  • A Member of University Council (2012-2014) representing staff
  • Head of Department (Business Administration) at Kenya Methodist University in the Department of Business Administration.
  • Acted for a cumulative of more than 1 Year as the Director, Research Publications and Consultancy-Attended senate and management board meetings when acting

Editing and Review of Papers and Journals

  • An editor for KCA business journal and Daystar University Journal
  • Editor, Daystar University Journal “Perspectives”
  • Edited the “Book of Abstracts” Daystar University
  • Reviewer for papers for “Developing Continuing Education in Africa” Book edited by Florence Miya and Peter Mageto, Daystar University
  • Reviewer for papers for “Our Children, Our Being Book” to be published by Daystar University

External Examination

  • Moi University, School of Agriculture
  • National University of Science and Technology, Zimbabwe
  • An external examiner for Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology, Department of Business
  • An external examiner with Management University of Africa
  • Thesis External examiner, Kenya Methodist University
  • Thesis external examiner, Africa Nazarene University

Michael Bowen

Prof. Michael Bowen is associate professor of Environmental Economics at Daystar University. He holds a Ph.D. in Environmental Economics and is currently the Director, Research, Publications, Consultancy and Postgraduate Bureau at Daystar University. He has presented several papers in international conferences and published them as journal articles or book chapters. Some of his publications include; synopsis of the status of Christian family in Kenya, significance of vision and mission in a Christian University, redeeming Christian marriage and family in Kenya among other publications.  He is a guest editor for a number of international journals and has supervised both masters and PhD theses. Prof. Bowen has taught at undergraduate, Masters and PhD level.

ALS Role

Michael Bowen provided leadership on all stages of research design, on field-testing our instruments, and on mobilizing and training the larger Kenyan team of researchers. Together with David Ngaruiya, he co-managed the Kenya-based project. Together with David Ngaruiya and Robert Priest he traveled to Bangui, CAR to train the team of faculty and students in how to conduct the questionnaire research. He carried out interviews and prepared ten-page reports on key Kenyan leaders and organizations. He contributed a chapter “African Christian Organizations and Socio-Economic Development” to our book.

See Findings page for professional credentials and CV.

Paulo Bunga

José Paulo Bunga is married to Mrs. Esalita Joaquim Bunga and is the father of six children. He has a Diploma in Theology from STB- IEBA in Luanda, Angola. He has a Degree in Theology from HEFSIBA -Instituto Superior Christian in Angonia, Mozambique and in 2014 he received a Master’s degree in Divinity at the College and Theological Seminary of the Reformed Faith – FATEFÉ, Cohen University- USA, in St. Paulo, Brazil. He is a professor at Evangelical Theological Institute Reformed Church Angola -ITIERA and Shepherd of the Light of the World Parish in Luanda.

ALS Role

José Paulo Bunga provided leadership over a team of students who administered the questionnaires. He later met with a team at Stellenbosch (Robert Priest, Lisa le Roux, Jurgens Hendriks, Adelaide Tomas Manuel, Alberto Lucamba Salombongo, Edward Elliott) to plan the final interview research. He carried out interviews and wrote reports on key leaders and organizations.

H. Jurgens Hendriks

H. Jurgens Hendriks had been a pastor for ten years when called to teach Practical Theology at Stellenbosch University in 1985. He became a professor in Congregational Studies. Leading congregations through the apartheid transition period was the initial focus of his work and research. The post-1994 increase of post-graduate students from other African countries redirected his attention to congregational realities across Africa. His Studying Congregations in Africa (2004) was the first publication of NetACT, the Network for African Congregational Theology. Founded in 2000 he became the Network’s first Executive Director. He still serves the 39-school network in 13 African countries as program coordinator.

ALS Role

Jurgens Hendriks met regularly with and served on the senior leadership team, providing advice and input on every phase of research, analysis, and writing. He provided special leadership on the research that was focused on Angola. He wrote the chapter “Empowering Leadership — A New Dawn in African Christian Leadership” that appears in our book.

See Findings page for professional credentials and CV.

H. Jurgens Hendriks

Curriculum Vitae

H. Jurgens Hendriks

Position: Professor in Practical Theology and Missiology, emeritus. Faculty of Theology, Stellenbosch University.

Academic qualifications: B.A., M.A., B.Th., Licenciate (all cum laude) D. Litt.

Work experience: Minister Dutch Reformed Church (1974-1984); Senior Lecturer Faculty of Theology, University of Stellenbosch (1985-98), Associate Professor 1999-02; Chair: Dept of Practical Theology and Missiology (2000-2007); Professor 2003-. Executive Director: Network for African Congregational Theology: 2000 – 2014. Since 1999 I have been working and teaching in many African countries on a regular basis, several times every year.

Specialization and tutoring and research: Congregational studies, evangelism, missional church development, HIV&AIDS and Gender Curriculum Development; church demographics.

Doctoral studies: Stellenbosch & Edinburgh (Scotland) in Old Testament; Postdoctoral studies at Emory University (Atlanta GA) & Western Theological Seminary (Holland MI). Visiting lecturer at Princeton Theological Seminary 2004 conducting a Ph D seminar “Doing missional theology in Sub-Saharan African faith communities.”

Publications:  Books 12; Chapters in books 20; Accredited articles 91.

Study leader:  M Th: 120 (M Th still enrolled 2), D Th 29 (still enrolled 2); External Examiner doctoral degrees: 22.

Local and international conferences where I gave papers: National: 16; International 33.

Achievements: 1997: vice-chancellor’s award for excellence in tutoring. South African National Research Foundation grant holder with RESEARCHER RATING: (2003-2018) 

Memberships: Religious Research Association (USA); Society for Practical Theology in SA; Trustee of the Unit for Religious & Development Research, University of Stellenbosch; Member Gospel and Our Culture SA Network; Consultant to Justo Mwale University, Lusaka, Zambia; Board Member Alpha SA; Advisor: Willow Creek Association SA. Executive Board Member ALICT (African Leadership Institute for Community Transformation). 2004: Guest Professor Princeton Theological Seminary, NJ VSA. 2006- Practice Advisor to the Search Institute, St Paul MN, USA (Research benefitting Children & Youth) 2006; ACTEA (Accreditation Council for Theological Education in Africa) Review Panel member. ACTEA Advisor  Member 2013-; Theological Committee of the World Communion of Reformed Churches, 2011-2017. Founding member & Executive Director: Network for African Congregational Theology (1999-2014); 2015- NetACT program coordinator.

Evan Hunter

Evan Hunter serves as Vice President with ScholarLeaders International, an organization that exists to encourage and enable Christian theological leaders from the Majority World for the global church. He holds a PhD from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School where his research focused on the contextual engagement of newly developed doctoral programs in evangelical seminaries in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. His work keeps him engaged with the development of Christian leaders through theological education. Evan lives near Chicago, IL with his wife and three sons.

ALS Role

Evan Hunter met regularly with the ALS leadership team, and served as an external advisor and consultant on research design and implementation and on interpreting the data. He provided input into the analysis and writing up of results.

Joanna Ilboudo

Dr. Joanna Ilboudo is a founder and Senior Advisor for ACTS-Burkina Faso. The ACTS programs for literacy, micro enterprise, writers training and primary and secondary education have provided her a wealth of experience and wisdom regarding leadership development. She is also the Executive Secretary of PACWA, the women commission of AEA. She has written and published the following books: Pitié pour ma soeur, Au nom de la foi, Destinée via adversité, Et si toute ma vie était louange!, Parcours de Femmes. In 2016 she was chosen to represent the evangelical church in Burkina Faso on the National Elections Committee.

ALS Role

Joanna Ilboudo served as an external advisor and consultant for the Africa Leadership Study, and met regularly with the larger leadership team. She brought her firsthand experience of the challenges faced by women leaders in Francophone Africa to the conversation.

Adelaide Manuel

Adelaide Tomas Manuel is a pastor and as an ALS researcher, she liked working with topics related to women’s development. She teaches two subjects: Christian Education and Christology at Emmanuel Seminary – Dondi (SED). From 2007 to 2015, she was the Principal of SED. She got her Master’s Degree in Practical Theology at Methodist University in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Her dissertation was on the topic of the Formation of Women in Pastoral Leadership.

ALS Role

Adelaide Tomas Manuel met regularly as part of the ALS leadership team, provided input on all phases of research and analysis, and helped supervise a team of student researchers administering surveys in Angola. She conducted interviews and wrote up ten-page reports on key Angolan Christian leaders and Christian organizations.

Kalemba Mwambazambi

Kalemba Mwambazambi is Professor at FATEB (Faculte de Theologie Evangelique de Bangui) in the Central African Republic. He holds a PhD in Missiology from the University of South Africa in Pretoria. He is also a candidate for a Doctor of Health Sciences at Keiser University in Florida (United States of America). He does research across the globe on transformational leadership, HIV and AIDS, Christian missions, African theologies, socio-political issues, peace, justice and reconciliation. He has published academic articles in peer-reviewed journals and written several chapters in books.

ALS Role

Kalemba Mwambazambi met regularly as part of the ALS leadership team, provided input on all phases of research and analysis, and supervised a team of researchers administering surveys in the Central African Republic. He conducted interviews and wrote up reports on key Christian leaders and Christian organizations in the Central African Republic.